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UPS TBC/5S Series Unit, 700VA 420W

UPS TBC/5S Series Unit, 700VA 420W
The TBC/5S UPS 700VA 420 watt provides cost-effective line-interactive backup power and voltage regulation for small and medium businesses with workstations, desktop PCs, telephone equipment and POS applications. With its compact form factor, the 5S UPS can be utilized as a standalone tower or under a computer monitor.

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• Workstations
• Business Telephony
• Network devices
• Point-of-sale equipment

• This unit provides effective power protection, even in disturbed electrical environments. Voltage fluctuations are automatically corrected using an AVR device (booster/fader), without needing the batteries.
• This unit not only provides a supply with battery backup to keep equipment operating during power cuts, but also provides effective protection against damaging surges.
• This unit protects networked equipment from “back door” power surges coming through Ethernet, internet or telephone lines.
• This unit's periodic automatic battery testing ensures early detection if a battery needs to be replaced.
• The easy-to-replace battery helps to extend the UPS service life.
• This unit can be installed vertically over or under a desk, or horizontally under a screen. Its compact, slimline form factor even allows it to be easily integrated into environments with
space constraints.
• This unit features an HID-compliant USB port, for automatic integration with common operating systems (Windows/Mac OS/Linux). The 5S is also compatible with Eaton UPS Companion power management software.
• All models come bundled with a USB cable for PC connection
• Reduce wasted energy consumption from standby power drain of connected peripheral equipment with ECO Control function (850-1600VA models)

Topology; Line-Interactive (AVR with Booster + Fader)
Configuration; Tower or under monitor
Color; Black
Rating (VA/Watts); 700/420

Connection; 1 x NZ/Aust. 10A

Input Voltage Range; 175V-275V
Nominal Voltage; 230V
Operating Frequency; 50-60Hz autoselect
Nominal Voltage; 230 VAC
Output voltage regulation; 230 V +/- 10%

Output Receptacles; 3 x NZ/Aust. 10A, 3 x NZ/Aust. 10A surge only
Battery Management
Automatic battery test, deep-discharge protection, cold-start capable, replaceable batteries
Communication Ports; HID-compliant USB port for automatic integration with most common operating systems (Windows Vista, 7 & 8, Linux, Mac OS X), cable supplied
Audible Noise; < 40 dB at 1 Meter
Operating Temperature; 0 to 40°C
Safety markings; IEC/EN 62040-1, IEC/EN 62040 -3
Markings; CB Report, CE mark
Data Line Protection; Tel/Fax/Modem/Internet and Ethernet
Dimensions (H x W x D, mm); 250 x 87 x 260
Weight; 5.98kg
NZ$ 364.00 including GST
TBC5S700AU 420W
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