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UPS TBC/5SC Series Unit, 1000VA 700W

UPS TBC/5SC Series Unit, 1000VA 700W
This TBC/5SC UPS 1000VA 700W Unit enables you to customize UPS settings, view load and power consumption through the graphical interactive LCD screen interface
Integrates with Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) for point-to-point power management (USB/serial) or network-based using server as a proxy.
Offers user-replaceable batteries
Extends battery service life by 50% with ABM Technology
Protects you with a three-year warranty, which includes the battery
Corrects a wide range of input voltage variations through buck and boost operation
Provides high quality pure-sinewave output capability, protecting any sensitive equipment connected ensuring consistent input voltage to the loads protected.
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LCD interface clearly shows key information
Sinewave output for compatibility with today’s small business servers
Compact design for easy integration even with space constraints (kiosks, cash machines, ticket machines etc.) and up to eight outlets for better flexibility
Reliable, long-lasting UPS with patented ABM® technology that increases battery service life by up to 50%
Serial and USB ports are HID compliant for automatic integration into major OS (Windows/MacOS/Linux)
Eaton Intelligent Power software® delivered as standard is compatible with all major operating systems

Product Length; 345mm
Product Height; 208mm
Product Width; 150mm
Product Weight; 25.6 LB
Battery Management
ABM technology (3-stage charging extends battery service life by 50% and provides advance warning for battery replacement)
Extended Battery Capability
Electrical output
Number of Outputs x8
Output Nominal Voltage; 100/110/120/230V
VA Rating; 1000 VA
Wattage; 700 W
Topology; Line-interactive
Electrical input
Input Connection: NZ/AUS MAINS
Input Nominal Voltage; 230V
Input Cord Length; 6 ft
Input Frequency Range; 45-55 Hz (50 Hz system), 55-65 Hz (60 Hz system)
RS-232 (RJ45) port; USB port as standard (HID). 6-foot RS-232 and USB cables included
Noise Level; <40 dB at 1 meter
Temperature Range; 0° to 40°C (32° to 104°F)
Relative Humidity; 0-95% non-condensing
Color; Black
Efficiency; 94%
Surge Protection; Yes
Product series Manual in PDF available for DOWNLOAD HERE
NZ$ 1,256.00 including GST
TBC5SC1000I 700W
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