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UPS TBC/3S Series Unit, 550VA 330W

UPS TBC/3S Series Unit, 550VA 330W
This 550VA, 330watt Unit offers affordable and reliable UPS protection against the most common power quality problems for office and home computers. The attractive design and glossy finish of this unit fits easily into modern office environment.
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Attractive design and glossy finish make this unit a perfect fit for the modern office environment
This Unit comes with 6 NZ/Australian outlets for easy connection of typical computer configurations with peripherals
This Unit features a HID-compliant USB port (cable supplied), for automatic integration with common operating systems (Windows/Mac OS/Linux)
Protects Telephone, Internet and Ethernet line from "back door" power surges
Compact unit fits on or under your desk or can be mounted on a wall
Easy-to-replace battery helps to extend UPS service life

Ideal for protecting:
•  computers and peripherals
•  Broadband modems (internet and TV)
•  IP telephony equipment
•  POS equipment

TBC 3S 550 Rating (VA/W); 550 VA / 330 W, by EATON
Output connection; 6 outlets with battery backup and surge protection + 6 outlets with surge protection
Input voltage; Up to 161-284 V (adjustable)
Output voltage ; 230 V (settable to 220 V, 230 V or 240 V)
Frequency; 50-60 Hz autoselect
Input protection; Resettable circuit breaker
Battery type; Compact, sealed lead-acid (replaceable)
Battery test; Yes
Cold start (no mains power); Yes
Deep-discharge protection; Yes
Battery replacement indicators; LED
50% load backup; 10 min
70% load backup; 6 min
Communications port: HID-compliant USB port for automatic integration with most common operating systems  (Windows XP, Vista and 7, Linux, Mac OS X), cable supplied
Line protection; Tel/fax/modem/internet/Ethernet
Standards compliance
Safety; IEC/EN 62040-1, CE mark
EMC; IEC 62040-2
Dimensions; H x W x D 86 x 140 x 335 mm
Weight; 2.9 kg
Colour; Black
NZ$ 265.00 including GST
TBC3S55AU 330W
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