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Deep Cycle Battery 6v 220ah US GOLD with MULTI-BUY

Deep Cycle Battery 6v 220ah US GOLD with MULTI-BUY
6V DEEP CYCLE BATTERY 210AH. Replaces: R22, R220, R220U, R232, PR220, GC2-6V, T105, T-105, T-125, T125, DC6V6V225, CR225, CR220, CR235, CY220-6, T605, CR232, UBGC2 + others.

*******Buy x3 or more for discounts off single buy price of $568 WITH FREE DELIVERY (no rural locations unless you are prepared to pay for that service)

Weight (kg) 28.98
Voltage 6
Ah 220
Length: 261mm, Width 180mm, Height 245mm, Total Height: 272mm
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SUPERCHARGE GOLD Deep cycle batteries from the USA with long running power and low current drain. Application – For campervan, golf carts, and any application where power storage for draw/use is required.

High density plate design to deliver constant power supply without loss of capacity. Prevents damage to plate’s active material due to vibration. Built to withstand multiple extensive discharge and re-charge cycles.

Superior materials and design

Weight (kg) 28.9
Voltage 6
Ah 220
Length (mm) 261
Width (mm) 181
Height (mm) 245
Total Height (mm) 272


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