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Exhaust Recovery Jack -Automotive

Exhaust Recovery Jack -Automotive
An exhaust jack is the perfect tool for recovering a four wheel drive vehicle stuck in deep sand or other areas where conventional jacks may sink, or when the vehicle is simply too low for any other jack to fit. If the vehicle is stuck up to the chassis rails, a thin area can be dug out just below the rails to allow for the deflated air bag jack to slip underneath. QUALITY
This is not only a 4WD enthusiast must -it could SAVE SOMEONE'S LIFE.

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The design and included parts of the air bag jack then allow for it to be connected to the exhaust of the vehicle to inflate the jack. Once raised, the area underneath the vehicles wheels can then be filled in or have tracks placed below to provide extra grip, making for a painless recovery.
With no moving metal parts, the exhaust jack is also safer than hi-lift jacks, and can be packed away in the supplied bag for convenient storage.

-Recovery bag
-2 piece hose kit 5m long with fittings
-heavy duty storage bag
-A pair of leather Gloves
-a protective mat
-Puncture repair kit


  • Air Compressor 12v with detachable 6.0L Air Tank 150L/min
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