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2v Gel 780ah Battery FIAMM

2v Gel 780ah Battery FIAMM
2v Gel 780ah Battery
For over 70 years FIAMM has leveraged innovation and expertise to bring the best energy backup products and solutions to the market for every business. This is how we work to deliver first-class customer satisfaction.
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Solar 2V cells up to 3,800 Ah real capacity at C120 1.85 VPC,  Designed for regular and long deep discharge
Ideal for: Renewable energy islands (Solar / Wind), Off-grid applications: BTS, mobile phone stations, signaling, lighting, High capacity applications in areas with unstable grid and unreliable power supply.

Fiamm 2v Gel Cell Brochure in PDF HERE

Fiamm Safety Data Sheet in PDF HERE

OPzV technology, with tubular positive plates and electrolyte immobilized in gel
Dimensions according to DIN 40742 OPzV cells
Suitable for use at elevated temperature
Optimized for deep discharge recovery DIN 43539T5
18 year design life under float condition
Minimal gassing and maintenance free (no topping-up)
Completely Recyclable
OPzV 2V cells - 250Ah to 3800Ah nominal capacity
Ideal for:
• Telecom BTS
• Emergency lighting and Security
• Trains, Railway and Airports
• Power plants and power distribution control and
monitoring systems
Tubular positive plates
Electrolyte immobilized in gel
Excellent cycling performance, also at elevated temperatures
780 Ah at 20 Degrees Celsius, 120hrs to 1.85 VPC
610 Ah at 20 Degrees Celsius, 10hrs to 1.80 VPC
Short Circuit Current [A] IEC 60896-21 =4400
Internal Resistance [mohm] IEC 60896-21 =0.46
Weight = 44kg
Length = 145mm
Width = 206mm
Height = 679mm
Terminals 1/1 (as per image)
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