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Trojan Battery 12v 230ahr AGM Deep Cycle/Starting

Trojan Battery 12v 230ahr AGM Deep Cycle/Starting
This model Trojan battery is a completely sealed maintenance free AGM (Dry Cell) based lead acid battery for deep cycle and starting.
For 85 years Trojan has been the world's most trusted name in deep cycle batteries. Building a reputation based on innovation and quality. Trojan Batteries are as premium deep cycle battery solution. Suitable for renewable energy applications, marine and motor homes, golf carts and much more.

Voltage: 12v
Reserve Capacity at 25a =460, at 75a: N/A
Ahr Rate 5 Hours =179ahr, 20 Hours =230ahr, 100 Hours =254ahr
Weight: 76 kg
Length: 520mm, Width: 269mm, Height: 233mm

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Known worldwide for outstanding battery technology, Trojan's legacy is one of innovation and leadership. Trojan applies rigorous industry battery testing procedures that adhere to BCI and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) test standards.

Industry and applications: 
Golf Carts
Utility Vehicles
Renewable energy
Floor machines
Aerial work platforms
Mobility Scooters
Recreational vehicles


  • Alpha Plus Paste with T2 TechnologyTM*  Trojan Battery Cut out Enirgi Power Storage Australia
  • Grid Technology*
  • Maxguard T2 Separator
  • Built-in lifting brackets
  • Low profile terminals
  • Trademarked maroon case
  • Anti-flame propagation vent caps
  • Robust plate design
  • ADDITIONAL GLASS MATS APPLIED BETWEEN THE PLATES, this Absorbs the electrolyte and expands reducing if not eliminating any damage from vibration as well as preventing battery stratification. This also gives the battery a longer shelf-life between uses.

Voltage: 12v
Reserve Capacity at 25a: 460
Reserve Capacity at 75a: N/A
Ahr Rate 5 Hours: 179ahr
Ahr Rate 20 Hours: 230ahr
Ahr Rate 100 Hours: 254ahr
Weight: 76 kg
Length: 521mm
Width: 269mm
Height: 233mm



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