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Generator 3500W Digital Inverter Generator -Petrol

Generator 3500W Digital Inverter Generator -Petrol
This 3500w Petrol Powered Inverter Genrator is perfect for situatons when you need more utlity power.
This Generator features a microprocessor-controlled pure sinewave inverter that guarantees consistent and quality electricity. The increased output allows for even more appliances and tools, yet easily transportable thanks to the folding handle and heavy duty castor wheels.
This Generator features an economy-mode that adjusting the engine speed which increases fuel economy and significantly reduces noise. If more power is required, the Economy mode can be turned off.
If double the power is needed, It can be set up in parallel using a simple connection cable.
It has a 4-Stroke Engine is built to be reliable, efficient, powerful, yet environmentally friendly.
Just add oil and fuel, and you’ll have power anywhere.
QUALITY, reliable + sturdy.

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Low Oil Alert
Portable with fold out handle
Maximum Output: 3.5kVA
Continuous Rated Output: 3.1KVA
DC Output: 12v/8.3A
Engine Type: 4 Stroke OHV
Noise Level (dBA Rating): 58
Starting System: Recoil
Fuel Tank Capacity: 6L
Run Time: 8h at 25% Load
Power Outlets: 2
Weight: 45kg
Extemely economical, Very Robust and reliable (we would not stock it if it wasn't).
Prefered Coil-Only system (reduces need to maintain/replace batteries) -the perfect device for stowing away for a power-cut or natural disaster, or if you need on occassion to use for leisure or work.

IMPORTANT: FILL OIL RESERVOIR BEFORE ANY USE -follow all set-up instructions.

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