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15,000kg Snatch Strap, tow, Winch

15,000kg Snatch Strap, tow, Winch
Thunder snatch straps are made of the highest quality nylon webbing that has been independently tested to at least 15% above their rated breaking strengths. QUALITY
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They feature heavy duty reinforced stitching, a red centre flag and protective Neoprene sleeves on each end.

Dimensions: 9m long, 100mm wide
Stretch: 1.8m
Breaking Strength: 15,000kg minimum rating
Note: Red centre position flag. Neoprene protective sleeves. Reinforced loop ends

Full Recovery Thunder product range brochure in PDF HERE ThunderRecoveryGear12pp-DLLR_BROCHURE.pdf

Confidently approach your next adventure knowing you can safely get out of any difficult situation with the Thunder Recovery range. Offering a comprehensive suite of products including winches and accessories, recovery straps and a complete recovery kit, Thunder is the perfect 4WD companion for any weekend escape.

  • Winching or Snatching Recovery Kit, Tow Winch
    NZ$ 360.90
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  • 8,000kg Snatch Strap, Tow, Winch
    NZ$ 208.90
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  • Equaliser Strap up to 8,000KG Tow Winch
    NZ$ 67.90
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  • Tree Trunk Protector Strap, Breaking Strain 10,000kg. Tow Winch
    NZ$ 86.90
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  • Leather Recovery Gloves
    NZ$ 29.90
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NZ$ 322.90 including GST
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