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6V US Deep Cycle BATTERY PACK (x4 232ah)

6V US Deep Cycle BATTERY PACK (x4 232ah)
X4 6V 232Ah Deep Cycle Flooded Batteries SUPER COMBO DEAL.
US1800XC Batteries, Replaces: R22, R220, R220U, R232, PR220, GC2-6V, T105, T-105, T-125, T125, DC6V6V225, CR225, CR220, CR235, CY220-6, T605, UBGC2. 6v, PACER, USDGC2-6V, GC2-6V, DC6V225, GPL4CT + others.

Made in America by U.S. BATT -The Most Trusted American Brand since 1928! with a reputation for performance!! QUALITY
NB Deliveries for this product are restricted to locations that would NOT require Rural Ticketing by any Courier company, Please check or make contact to be sure.
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US 2200 XC2
6V Flooded Deep Cycle Battery (x4 in pack)
Amp hours 20 hr rate: 232
5 hr rate: 181
Minutes at 75amps: 122
Minutes at 25amps: 474
Length: 260mm
width: 181mm
Height: 286mm

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  • 380mm Lug to Lug Cable Lead 25mm2 (size 3)
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  • 760mm Lug to Lug Lead 25mm2 (size 3)
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NZ$ 130.00
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