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Wind Turbine 2000W 48VDC, Marine Grade Quality

Wind Turbine 2000W 48VDC, Marine Grade Quality
48vdc 2000 watt. QUALITY
Large scale Wind power production Turbine. Can produce 2000watts of vdc power in 48v per hour when Turbine is at 70km/h. That's plenty of power. Recommended for storage into 48v battery systems or direct VAC use via an inverter or inverter-charger. (See associated items).
This marine grade wind turbine has a brushless alternator for less wear and tear and includes a Maximum Power Point Tracking charge controller.
It comes with a full instructional, use and maintenance manual. We 'advise' professional installation of the base needed to house this unit.
An outstandingly priced item for the output performance.
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Marine Grade suiting our coastal environments and weather conditions. (Yes, it can be used in Marine conditions/applications)

- Strong Carbon fibre composite blades
- Corrosion resistant film coated
- 48 volt use
- Regenerative electromagnetic braking system

Mounting =Standard equipment for mounting available in most hardware stores, use Manual as guideline or seek professional advice for solid install. A balanced install is imperative for top performance.

We advise not using the turbine in storm conditions or predicted conditions and recommend the use of a cover or manual blade stop addition as an 'added' pre-caution -this unit boast electromagnetic braking which is a very strong brake system. Any damage to product from nature can only be covered by your own property insurance (of which we recommend informing your insurance provider of the addition of the turbine)

This product has survived winds up to (but not exceeding) 170km.

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Blade material: Carbon Fibre
Body material: Diecast Aluminium
Blade rotation Diameter: 1160mm
Minimum wind speed: 10.9km/h
Maximum wind speed: 170km/h
Rated Power: 2000W at 70km/h
Weight: 18kg

Product accompanied with FULL technical specifications and recomendations
we highly advise the expertise of technically sound professionals or seasoned installers when installing this device. Commercial Electricians with Wind power experience are high on the list. The most important features of your install is the base pad and the balancing of the turbine with the ability to 'hold' balanced during max performance. Maintenance on all aspects of the units is recommended and required -see manual with your purchase.


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