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SOLAR KIT 24v 15w x2 great for 24v vehicle battery maintenance

SOLAR KIT 24v 15w x2 great for 24v vehicle battery maintenance
Complete DIY kit.
Kit comes with:
-Panel X2.
-Solar Controller.
-3m of twin sheathed 5mm 50a cable.
-x2 Bracket Mount kit.
Full generic solar panel install instructions.

355 x 368 x 30 mm =5kg =panels x2

Can be used for 12v systems also BUT Please read more info by clicking on image

0 to +3% positive tolerance for mainstream products

Withstand high wind loads and snow loads (5400Pa)

Anti-reflective highly transparent, low iron tempered glass

Transmission rate 3.18%

This clever DIY Put-together-Kit solves the problem of the use for 24v vehicles that sit around outside and need the batteries maintained. (Can also be adjusted for use with 12v batteries)

Make sure you simply follow the solar controller install instructions, which is basically connect the batteries first so the controller knows what voltage it is perfoming in.

24v, use the cables =x1 cable going from the battery with the engine lead off the positve terminal, x1cable going from the negative of the other battery (the one with the cable earthed to the chassis) then insert these in the controller. The panels should be connected in series =connect x1 positive lead from x1 panel directly to the negative lead off the other panel, the x2 remaining cables (x1 from each panel) will then be the ones that go to the controller.

NOW if you wish to use this as a 12v maintainer, simply use one battery and connect to controller and x1 panel. (for the smart cookies -you can use both panels but they are separate until they both connect to the controller in the same portals).

Any questions please ask. Please view specification tabs for panel and controller info



Output 15/30 watt
Size (mm) 355x368x30
Weight (Kg) 5
Pmax (W) 15
Vmp (V) 17.19
Imp (A) 0.87
Voc (V) 21.7
Isc (A) 0.95


Solar Controller 12v 24v outdoors. Use with panels up to 140 watt 12 volt or 280 watt 24 volt.

82mm 59mm x 20mm (length x width x depth)


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