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SOLAR KIT 12v 50watt

SOLAR KIT 12v 50watt
Complete DIY kit.
All Rigid Solar Panel Kits come with:
-Solar Controller.
-MC4 connectors (if applicable with panel).
-3m of twin sheathed 5mm 50a cable.
-x1 Bracket Mount kit.
Full generic solar panel install instructions.


Output 50 watt 
Size (mm) 670x540x30 
Weight (Kg) 4 
Pmax (W) 50 
Vmp (V) 17.21 
Imp (A) 2.91 
Voc (V) 21.94 
Isc (A) 3.12


Fully automatic operation, utilising pulse width modulation (PWM) for increased battery life & optimised system performance.
    12/24VDC Auto Detect
    Automatic day/night recognition
    Simplistic digital LED menu for easy to use quick key settings
    Intelligent dual timer function
    Suitable for use with GEL, Sealed lead acid & Flooded batteries
    Electronic protection
    Temperature compensation automatically regulates charging and discharging parameters for improved battery life

See item here for full spec options

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