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Panasonic PV-GS19, Hitachi DZ-MV730A Digital Camera & Video Battery

Panasonic PV-GS19, Hitachi DZ-MV730A Digital Camera & Video Battery
Replacement for 7.4v Video/Camera lithium Battery.
Compatible Part Numbers:
Panasonic CGA-DU06, Panasonic CGA-DU07, Panasonic CGA-DU07A, Panasonic CGR-DU07, Panasonic VW-VBD070, Panasonic CGA-DU06A/1B, Panasonic CGA-DU07A/1B, Panasonic VW-VBD060, Panasonic CGA-DU06S.
Voltage (V): 7.4V
Dimensions (mm): 40.40 x 36.23 x 18.78mm
Type: Li-ion
Capacity: +/-750mAh+/-
This covers many Panasonic and Hitachi Models.
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Compatible Model numbers
Panasonic VDR-M30, Panasonic PV-GS50, Panasonic PV-GS50S, Panasonic PV-GS70, Panasonic NV-GS35, Panasonic NV-GS75, Panasonic NV-GS150, Panasonic NV-GS250, Panasonic NV-GS330, Panasonic NV-GS500, Panasonic PV-GS320, Panasonic PV-GS500, Panasonic PV-GS80, Panasonic PV-GS83, Panasonic PV-GS85, Panasonic SDR-H18, Panasonic SDR-H200, Panasonic VDR-D210, Panasonic VDR-D220, Panasonic VDR-D230, Panasonic VDR-D310, Panasonic VDR-D250, Panasonic NV-GS280, Panasonic VDR-D160, Panasonic SDR-H250EB-S, Panasonic NV-GS10EG, Panasonic NV-GS50K, Panasonic PV-GS200, Panasonic VDR-D300EG-S, Panasonic PV-GS36, Panasonic VDR-D310EG-S, Panasonic NV-GS50A-S, Panasonic NV-GS50, Panasonic NV-GS75EG-S, Panasonic VDR-D150EF-S, Panasonic VDR-D200, Panasonic NV-GS230EB-S, Panasonic NV-GS26GK-S, Panasonic NV-GS27E-S, Panasonic NV-GS40B, Panasonic NV-GS30, Panasonic NV-GS55B, Panasonic PV-GS35, Panasonic NV-GS300EB-S, Panasonic SDR-H20EB-S, Panasonic NV-GS58GK, Panasonic NV-GS180E-S, Panasonic NV-GS400, Panasonic NV-GS100K, Panasonic NV-GS33EG-S, Panasonic NV-GS180EB-S, Panasonic NV-GS508GK-S, Panasonic NV-GS320E-S, Panasonic NV-GS30B, Panasonic NV-GS200EG-S, Panasonic VDR-M75, Panasonic PV-GS180, Panasonic VDR-M50PP, Panasonic NV-GS188GK, Panasonic SDR-H250E-S, Panasonic NV-GS258GK, Panasonic VDR-M95, Panasonic NV-GS150B, Panasonic VDR-D158GK, Panasonic VDR-D250E-S, Panasonic SDR-H288GK, Panasonic NV-GS22, Panasonic VDR-M30K, Panasonic VDR-D308GK, Panasonic NV-GS180EG-S, Panasonic NV-GS60, Panasonic VDR-D310E-S, Panasonic NV-GS200, Panasonic PV-GS34, Panasonic VDR-M70EG-S, Panasonic NV-GS27EG-S, Panasonic NV-GS320EG-S, Panasonic VDR-D160EG-S, Panasonic VDR-M55E-S, Panasonic NV-GS140EG-S, Panasonic VDR-M50EG-S, Panasonic NV-GS27, Panasonic NV-GS500EG-S, Panasonic VDR-D220EB-S, Panasonic NV-GS21E-S, Panasonic NV-GS120GN, Panasonic NV-GS70A-S, Panasonic PV-GS75, Panasonic NV-GS230EG-S, Panasonic NV-GS180EF-S, Panasonic NV-GS10EG-R, Panasonic NV-GS55, Panasonic PV-GS33, Panasonic VDR-D300, Panasonic NV-GS80EB-S, Panasonic NV-GS10B, Panasonic NV-GS50B, Panasonic NV-GS70, Panasonic PV-GS150, Panasonic VDR-D250EG-S, Panasonic VDR-D300EB-S, Panasonic NV-GS50A, Panasonic NV-GS400K, Panasonic NV-GS75B, Panasonic VDR-D150EB-S, Panasonic VDR-D100EB-S, Panasonic NV-GS320EB-S, Panasonic NV-GS26GK, Panasonic NV-GS37E-S, Panasonic NV-GS408GK, Panasonic NV-GS200K, Panasonic NV-GS400EG-S, Panasonic NV-GS280EB-S, Panasonic SDR-H20, Panasonic NV-GS308GK-S, Panasonic NV-GS230E-S, Panasonic NV-GS38GK, Panasonic NV-GS10, Panasonic NV-GS250EG-S, Panasonic PV-GS31, Panasonic NV-GS508GK, Panasonic NV-GS500E-S, Panasonic NV-GS28GK, Panasonic NV-GS200B, Panasonic VDR-M53, Panasonic PV-GS59, Panasonic VDR-D400, Panasonic VDR-D150E-S, Panasonic NV-GS22EG-S, Panasonic VDR-M70K, Panasonic NV-GS120B, Panasonic VDR-D258GK, Panasonic NV-GS300EG-S, Panasonic VDR-D220E-S, Panasonic NV-GS21, Panasonic NV-GS37EG-S, Panasonic NV-GS230, Panasonic NV-GS150E-S, Panasonic NV-GS17, Panasonic NV-MX500A, Panasonic VDR-M70B, Panasonic NV-GS27EF-S, Panasonic NV-GS320, Panasonic VDR-D160EB-S, Panasonic VDR-M75E-S, Panasonic NV-GS140, Panasonic NV-GS70K, Panasonic NV-GS37, Panasonic SDR-H250EG-S, Panasonic NV-GS17E-S, Panasonic NV-GS120, Panasonic NV-GS70A, Panasonic NV-GS65, Panasonic PV-GS55, Panasonic VDR-D150, Panasonic NV-GS80, Panasonic SDR-H20EG-S, Panasonic NV-GS10EG-A, Panasonic NV-GS50V, Panasonic PV-GS250, Panasonic SDR-H250, Panasonic NV-GS50AW, Panasonic NV-GS55K, Panasonic PV-GS120, Panasonic VDR-D150EG-S, Panasonic VDR-D250EB-S, Panasonic NV-GS60EB-S, Panasonic NV-GS44, Panasonic NV-GS40, Panasonic NV-GS55EG-S, Panasonic PV-GS65, Panasonic VDR-D100, Panasonic VDR-D310EB-S, Panasonic NV-GS58GK-S, Panasonic NV-GS80E-S, Panasonic NV-GS400GN, Panasonic NV-GS120K, Panasonic NV-GS400B, Panasonic NV-GS27EB-S, Panasonic NV-GS308GK, Panasonic NV-GS300E-S, Panasonic NV-GS250B, Panasonic PV-GS19, Panasonic PV-GS300, Panasonic VDR-M70PP, Panasonic NV-GS188GK-S, Panasonic SDR-H20E-S, Panasonic NV-GS150EG-S, Panasonic PV-GS39, Panasonic NV-GS500EB-S, Panasonic VDR-D160E-S, Panasonic NV-GS33, Panasonic NV-GS22EG-A, Panasonic VDR-M55, Panasonic NV-GS120EG-S, Panasonic PV-GS29, Panasonic NV-GS280EG-S, Panasonic NV-GS85, Panasonic VDR-D300E-S, Panasonic NV-GS200GN, Panasonic PV-GS50K, Panasonic NV-GS37EB-S, Panasonic NV-GS80EG-S, Panasonic NV-GS250E-S, Panasonic NV-GS158GK, Panasonic NV-GS78GK, Panasonic VDR-M70, Panasonic NV-GS300, Panasonic NV-GS17EF-S, Panasonic VDR-D220EG-S, Panasonic NV-GS35E-S, Panasonic NV-GS120GN-S, Panasonic NV-GS70B, Panasonic VDR-M50, Panasonic NV-GS180, Panasonic NV-GS60EG-S, Panasonic NV-GS140E-S, Panasonic NV-GS10EG-S, Panasonic NV-GS55GN-S, Panasonic PV-GS400, Panasonic DR-M50B
Hitachi DZ-MV350, Hitachi DZ-MV380, Hitachi DZ-MV730A, Hitachi DZ-MV580A, Hitachi DZ-M8000V6, Hitachi DZ-MV750, Hitachi DZ-HS401, Hitachi DZ-GX25M, Hitachi DZ-MV550, Hitachi DZ-MV350E, Hitachi DZ-GX3300(S), Hitachi DZ-GX5080A, Hitachi DZ-GX5000A, Hitachi DZ-BX35, Hitachi DZ-BD7HE, Hitachi DZ-BX37E, Hitachi DZ-HS300, Hitachi DZ-HS500E, Hitachi DZ-MV750E, Hitachi DZ-GX3200E, Hitachi DZ-HS303A, Hitachi DZ-HS803, Hitachi DZ-GX20E, Hitachi DZ-HS303E, Hitachi DZ-BD7HA, Hitachi DZ-MV780A, Hitachi DZ-MV350A, Hitachi DZ-MV750MA, Hitachi DZ-MV550E, Hitachi DZ-GX20, Hitachi DZ-M7000V5, Hitachi DZ-MV730, Hitachi DZ-HS403, Hitachi DZ-MV380E, Hitachi DZ-HS500SW, Hitachi DZ-GX3200, Hitachi DZ-HS500A, Hitachi DZ-GX5060, Hitachi DZ-GX5100SW, Hitachi DZ-GX5020, Hitachi DZ-GX5020E, Hitachi DZ-GX3100A, Hitachi DZ-HS300E, Hitachi DZ-BD70A, Hitachi DZ-MV730E, Hitachi DZ-GX3300E, Hitachi DZ-HS301E, Hitachi DZ-HD90, Hitachi DZ-GX20A, Hitachi DZ-BX35E, Hitachi DZ-BD70, Hitachi DZ-MV780S, Hitachi DZ-BX35A, Hitachi DZ-MV580E, Hitachi DZ-MV550A, Hitachi DZ-MV780, Hitachi DZ-M5000V5, Hitachi DZ-MV580, Hitachi DZ-HS503, Hitachi DZ-GX3300(B), Hitachi DZ-GX5020A, Hitachi DZ-GX3100, Hitachi DZ-GX5060SW, Hitachi DZ-GX5100, Hitachi DZ-GX5300, Hitachi DZ-BD70E, Hitachi DZ-GX5100E, Hitachi DZ-MV780E, Hitachi DZ-GX3100E, Hitachi DZ-HS300A, Hitachi DZ-HS903, Hitachi DZ-HS301SW, Hitachi DZ-BD9H, Hitachi DZ-HS501E, Hitachi DZ-BD7H, Hitachi DZ-MV780R, Hitachi DZ-MV380A

Comaptible Part Numbers
Hitachi DZ-BP7SJ, Hitachi DZ-BP07PW, Hitachi CGR-DU06E/1B, Hitachi DZ-BP07P, Hitachi DZ-BP7S, Hitachi DZ-BP07S, Hitachi DZ-BP7SW, Panasonic CGA-DU06, Panasonic CGA-DU07, Panasonic CGA-DU07A, Panasonic CGR-DU07, Panasonic VW-VBD070, Panasonic CGA-DU06A/1B, Panasonic CGA-DU07A/1B, Panasonic VW-VBD060, Panasonic CGA-DU06S

Manufacturer: CS
Technology: Li-ion
Voltage: 7.4V
Minimum Capacity: 750mAh +/-
Diameter or Width: 40.4mm
Height: 36.23mm
Length: 18.78mm

NZ$ 56.18 including GST
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