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Ryobi 7.2V - 18V NiCd NiMH, 14.4v-18v LiIon Charger Plate

Ryobi 7.2V - 18V NiCd NiMH, 14.4v-18v LiIon Charger Plate
Charger Plate for use with Universal Power Tool Charger Base. Click on image for full Ryobi powertool compatibility as well as a link to buy the charger base.

RYOBI  7.2V - 18V NiCd / NiMH Adaptor Plate for Universal Power Tool Charger

Fits some Hitachi Models also (please enquire)

Compatible Model Numbers:
Ryobi 1400669, Ryobi 1400670, Ryobi 1400671, Ryobi 130111073, Ryobi 1400652, Ryobi 1400668, Ryobi P100, Ryobi 130109021, Ryobi 130224007, Ryobi 130224010, Ryobi 130224011, Ryobi 130224017, Ryobi 130224024, Ryobi 130224028, Ryobi 130240011, Ryobi 130255004, Ryobi 130256001, Ryobi 130262021, Ryobi 130281002, Ryobi 1310918, Ryobi 1311145, Ryobi 1311163, Ryobi 1311166, Ryobi 1314702, Ryobi 1322401, Ryobi 1322547, Ryobi 1322705, Ryobi 1323303, Ryobi 1400144, Ryobi 1400652B, Ryobi 1400655, Ryobi 1400656, Ryobi 1400672, Ryobi 4400011, Ryobi ABP1801, Ryobi ABP1802, Ryobi ABP1803, Ryobi ABP1804, Ryobi B-1815-S, Ryobi BCHI-18, Ryobi BPL1820, Ryobi BPP-1813, Ryobi BPP-1817, Ryobi BPP-1817/2, Ryobi BPP-1817M, Ryobi BPP-1820

NOW Also fits 14.4v-18v lithium Ion RYOBI Powertool batteries. (stem batteries only, not slide on)

Manufacturer: Mst
Technology Charged: NiCd, NiMH, LiIon
Primary Uses: Power Tools RYOBI Stem batteries (not slide on batteries)

  • Power Tool Universal Charger BASE
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