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SHORAI LFX19A4-BS12 12v 19a/h 285cca 1050gram battery

SHORAI LFX19A4-BS12 12v 19a/h 285cca 1050gram battery
Shorai lithium technology, click image for specifications this is a SIZE #4 BATTERY.
NO RURAL DELIVERIES FOR THIS ITEM =any location deemed rural by any courier
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PLEASE NOTE: Product comes from USA, delays may end up being lengthy due to customs, shipping logistics (lithium must be delivered via boat internationally) and yes, any diverse reaction to the US Govt at the time of purchase/order. These are fantastic products and worth the wait, the is "nothing" like these on the market anywhere.

Shorai LFX batteries contain Xtreme-Rate Lithium Iron prismatic cells =LiFePO4, producing superior cranking power


WARRANTY REQUIREMENT: Warrantees on Shorai Batteries are only valid if you are using the Shorai Battery Charger -no exceptions.

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LFX19A4-BS12 = 12V, 19A/H, 285CCA, 1.050KG, MAX CHARGE RATE 14AMP, 148mm long x 86mm wide x 88mm high

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