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BLACK & DECKER 7.2-18v NiCAD NiMH charger plate

BLACK & DECKER 7.2-18v NiCAD NiMH charger plate
Black & Decker 7.2V - 18V and Black & Decker 9.6V - 18V NiCd / NiMH Adaptor Plate for Universal Power Tool Charger (also Dewalt Models, click image for full details ande link to charger base)

Suits Black & Decker NiCd / NiMH batteries. (and Dewalt)

Compatible Model Numbers:
Black & Decker PS140, Black & Decker HP131K-2, Black & Decker CD231K, Black & Decker CD9600K, Black & Decker CD9600K-2, Black & Decker FS96, Black & Decker FSL96, Black & Decker PS3200, Black & Decker PS3300, Black & Decker PS3350K, Black & Decker PS120, Black & Decker A9251, Black & Decker PS145, Black & Decker 497033-02, Black & Decker A9275, Black & Decker KC12BP, Black & Decker PS130, Black & Decker A9274, Black & Decker FSB96, Black & Decker PS120A

Compatible Model Numbers:
Dewalt DE9038, Dewalt DW9091, Dewalt DE9091, Dewalt DE9093, Dewalt DW9094, Dewalt DW902, Dewalt DW911, Dewalt DW913, Dewalt DW926K, Dewalt DW926K-2, Dewalt DW955, Dewalt DW955K, Dewalt DW955K-2, Dewalt DW967K, Dewalt DE9095, Dewalt DE9096, Dewalt DE9098, Dewalt DW9095, Dewalt DW9096, Dewalt DW9098, Dewalt DW9071, Dewalt DW9072, Dewalt DE9071, Dewalt DE9074, Dewalt DW9074, Dewalt DE9037, Dewalt DC9071, Dewalt DC9091, Dewalt DC9096, Dewalt DE9039, Dewalt DE9075, Dewalt DE9092, Dewalt DE9094, Dewalt DW9051, Dewalt DW9070, Dewalt DW9071 XR, Dewalt DW9074XE, Dewalt DW9091 XR

Manufacturer: Mst
Technology Charged: NiCd, NiMH
Primary Uses: Power Tools

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TBC-ATP9096 (BD)
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