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Sony DCR-30 Camcorders & Video Battery, 6.8V, 3.15Ah, LiIon, VB-NPFV100

Sony DCR-30 Camcorders & Video Battery, 6.8V, 3.15Ah, LiIon, VB-NPFV100
Compatible Part Numbers:
Sony NP-FV100, Sony NP-FV30, Sony NP-FV50, Sony NP-FV70, Sony NP-FV90

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Compatible Model Numbers: Sony DCR-HC20, Sony DCR-HC30, Sony DCR-HC30G, Sony DCR-HC30L, Sony DCR-HC30S, Sony DCR-HC40, Sony DCR-HC40E, Sony DCR-HC40S, Sony DCR-HC40W, Sony DCR-HC65, Sony DCR-HC85, Sony DCR-DVD602, Sony DCR-DVD703, Sony DCR-HC32, Sony DCR-HC43E, Sony DCR-30, Sony DCR-DVD103, Sony DCR-DVD105, Sony DCR-DVD105E, Sony DCR-DVD106, Sony DCR-DVD106E, Sony DCR-DVD108, Sony DCR-DVD109, Sony DCR-DVD109E, Sony DCR-DVD110E, Sony DCR-DVD115E, Sony DCR-DVD150, Sony DCR-DVD150E, Sony DCR-DVD202E, Sony DCR-DVD203, Sony DCR-DVD203E, Sony DCR-DVD205, Sony DCR-DVD205E, Sony DCR-DVD304E, Sony DCR-DVD305, Sony DCR-DVD305E, Sony DCR-DVD306, Sony DCR-DVD306E, Sony DCR-DVD308, Sony DCR-DVD308E, Sony DCR-DVD310E, Sony DCR-DVD403, Sony DCR-DVD403E, Sony DCR-DVD404E, Sony DCR-DVD405, Sony DCR-DVD405E, Sony DCR-DVD406, Sony DCR-DVD406E, Sony DCR-DVD407E, Sony DCR-DVD408, Sony DCR-DVD410E, Sony DCR-DVD450E, Sony DCR-DVD505, Sony DCR-DVD505E, Sony DCR-DVD506, Sony DCR-DVD506E, Sony DCR-DVD508, Sony DCR-DVD510E, Sony DCR-DVD602E, Sony DCR-DVD605, Sony DCR-DVD605E, Sony DCR-DVD610, Sony DCR-DVD650E, Sony DCR-DVD653, Sony DCR-DVD653E, Sony DCR-DVD703E, Sony DCR-DVD705, Sony DCR-DVD705E, Sony DCR-DVD708, Sony DCR-DVD708E, Sony DCR-DVD710, Sony DCR-DVD755, Sony DCR-DVD755E, Sony DCR-DVD803, Sony DCR-DVD803E, Sony DCR-DVD805, Sony DCR-DVD805E, Sony DCR-DVD808E, Sony DCR-DVD810, Sony DCR-DVD810E, Sony DCR-DVD850E, Sony DCR-DVD905, Sony DCR-DVD905E, Sony DCR-DVD908E, Sony DCR-DVD910, Sony DCR-DVD92, Sony DCR-DVD92E, Sony DCR-HC16, Sony DCR-HC16E, Sony DCR-HC17, Sony DCR-HC17E, Sony DCR-HC18, Sony DCR-HC18E, Sony DCR-HC19E, Sony DCR-HC20E, Sony DCR-HC21, Sony DCR-HC21E, Sony DCR-HC22E, Sony DCR-HC23E, Sony DCR-HC24E, Sony DCR-HC26, Sony DCR-HC26E, Sony DCR-HC27, Sony DCR-HC27E, Sony DCR-HC28, Sony DCR-HC28E, Sony DCR-HC30E, Sony DCR-HC32E, Sony DCR-HC33E, Sony DCR-HC35E, Sony DCR-HC36, Sony DCR-HC36E, Sony DCR-HC37, Sony DCR-HC37E, Sony DCR-HC38, Sony DCR-HC38E, Sony DCR-HC39E, Sony DCR-HC41, Sony DCR-HC42, Sony DCR-HC42E, Sony DCR-HC44E, Sony DCR-HC45, Sony DCR-HC45E, Sony DCR-HC46, Sony DCR-HC46E, Sony DCR-HC47, Sony DCR-HC47E, Sony DCR-HC48, Sony DCR-HC48E, Sony DCR-HC51E, Sony DCR-HC52, Sony DCR-HC53E, Sony DCR-HC62, Sony DCR-HC62E, Sony DCR-HC85E, Sony DCR-HC94E, Sony DCR-HC96, Sony DCR-HC96E, Sony DCR-SR100, Sony DCR-SR100E, Sony DCR-SR190E, Sony DCR-SR200, Sony DCR-SR200C, Sony DCR-SR200E, Sony DCR-SR210E, Sony DCR-SR220, Sony DCR-SR220D, Sony DCR-SR290E, Sony DCR-SR300, Sony DCR-SR300C, Sony DCR-SR300E, Sony DCR-SR30E, Sony DCR-SR32E, Sony DCR-SR35E, Sony DCR-SR36E, Sony DCR-SR37E, Sony DCR-SR38E, Sony DCR-SR40, Sony DCR-SR40E, Sony DCR-SR42, Sony DCR-SR42A, Sony DCR-SR42E, Sony DCR-SR45, Sony DCR-SR46, Sony DCR-SR46E, Sony DCR-SR47E, Sony DCR-SR47L, Sony DCR-SR47R, Sony DCR-SR47S, Sony DCR-SR50, Sony DCR-SR50E, Sony DCR-SR52E, Sony DCR-SR55E, Sony DCR-SR57E, Sony DCR-SR60, Sony DCR-SR60E, Sony DCR-SR62, Sony DCR-SR62E, Sony DCR-SR65, Sony DCR-SR67, Sony DCR-SR67E, Sony DCR-SR70E, Sony DCR-SR72E, Sony DCR-SR75E, Sony DCR-SR77E, Sony DCR-SR80, Sony DCR-SR80E, Sony DCR-SR82, Sony DCR-SR82C, Sony DCR-SR82E, Sony DCR-SR85, Sony DCR-SR87, Sony DCR-SR90E, Sony HDR-CX100, Sony HDR-CX100E, Sony HDR-CX105E, Sony HDR-CX106E, Sony HDR-CX11E, Sony HDR-CX12, Sony HDR-CX12E, Sony HDR-CX300, Sony HDR-CX500, Sony HDR-CX500V, Sony HDR-CX520, Sony HDR-CX520V, Sony HDR-CX520VE, Sony HDR-CX6, Sony HDR-CX6EK, Sony HDR-CX7, Sony HDR-CX7K/E, Sony HDR-HC3, Sony HDR-HC3E, Sony HDR-HC3HK1, Sony HDR-HC5, Sony HDR-HC5E, Sony HDR-HC7, Sony HDR-HC7E, Sony HDR-HC9, Sony HDR-HC9E, Sony HDR-HC9/E, Sony HDR-SR10, Sony HDR-SR10D, Sony HDR-SR10E, Sony HDR-SR10/E, Sony HDR-SR11, Sony HDR-SR11E, Sony HDR-SR11/E, Sony HDR-SR12, Sony HDR-SR12E, Sony HDR-SR12/E, Sony HDR-SR5, Sony HDR-SR5C, Sony HDR-SR5E, Sony HDR-SR7, Sony HDR-SR7E, Sony HDR-SR8, Sony HDR-SR8E, Sony HDR-UX10, Sony HDR-UX19E, Sony HDR-UX20, Sony HDR-UX20E, Sony HDR-UX20/E, Sony HDR-UX3E, Sony HDR-UX5, Sony 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Manufacturer: Mst
Technology: Lithium Ion (LiIon)
Voltage: 6.8V
Minimum Capacity: 3.15Ah
Diameter or Width: 32mm
Height: 55.8mm
Length: 44.8mm
Primary Uses: Video & Camcorder

  • Sony DCR-30 Camcorders & Video Battery, 6.8V, 980mAh, LiIon, VB-NPFV50
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  • Sony NP-FV70 Camcorders & Video Battery, (VB-NPFV70
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