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Remco 12v 120ah AGM Battery (405mm long)

Remco 12v 120ah AGM Battery (405mm long)
12v 120ah Battery
Fully Sealed AGM VRLA SLA 12V Quality Cycling battery.
SLA = Sealed Lead Acid
VLRA = Valve Regulated
AGM = Absorbed Glass Matt ('Gel type', Dry Cell)

Capacity (20HR) 120a
Length 405mm, Width 172mm, Height 222mm, Total Height (Inc Terminal) 222mm
Terminal Type F12
volts 12
Approx Weight 33.80 kg
NZ$ 686.00 including GST
NZ$ 25.00
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Remco/Synergy Valve Regulated or Seal Lead Acid Batteries, used in standby, cycling and heavy deep cycling applications, excellent manufacturing with the latest technology included. They are maintenance free, spill proof and leak proof, batteries suitable for most standby applications for fire, security, lighting, and UPS. The range also includes full cyclic products suitable for RV and Marine House Bank applications.

Please note: If your placed order exceeds qtys in stock other brands may be used. REMCO will always be the preference.

Industry and applications:  
Emergency Lighting
Security systems
Solar / Renewables
Mobility scooters
Recreational vehicles
Deep Cycle
Electric vehicle
Hybrid Electric

The AGM Difference

  • 20% faster recharge than a conventional vented battery
  • 100% maintenance free
  • High sustained discharge
  • Low self-discharge
  • Classified as Non-Spillable
  • Tested to stringent military shock and vibration standards
  • Designed not to outgas under normal charging conditions

Why AGM batteries?

Maintenance-Free / Sealed AGM Batteries
The valve regulated, spill-proof construction of the AGM battery allows trouble-free, safe operation in any orientation. There is no need to ‘top up’ the electrolyte. They will also not corrode the battery surrounds.

AGM batteries given by far the best “Bang for the Buck” due to their exceptional performance and longevity and at realistic prices.

Long Service Life
Under normal operating conditions, four or five years of dependable service life can be expected in stand-by and cycling applications. With quality charging and care not to over-charge, under-charge or over-discharge the batteries, even longer life can be expected. Perfect for both starting and deep cycle applications.

Mulit-Purpose Use
AGM batteries may be used in series and/or parallel to allow a choice of voltages and storage capacities and can be used in cyclic, starting or standby applications.

High Discharge Rate: Low internal resistance allows discharge currents of up to five times the rated capacity of the battery. High discharge rates make them ideal starting batteries.

Long Shelf Life
A fully charged AGM battery will hold it’s charge for long periods at room temperature before charging is required, due to its low self-discharge rate. This means no flat batteries after leaving them sitting for long periods.

Fast Charging
AGM batteries will allow charging at many times the maximum charge rate of standard batteries, meaning much quicker charge times.

What is AGM Technology?

Originally developed in 1980 for military use, AGM is a totally sealed (no caps, but vented for over-charge situation), maintenance-free battery with the plates packed in micro-fibre mat. AGM technology is the next step in the evolution of both starting and deep cycle batteries for all of these applications. This ‘next generation’ technology delivers increased safety, perform­ance and service life over all existing sealed batteries.

  • Sealed and Maintenance-Free
  • Fully compliant with Sealed Battery Requirements for ships, boats and yachts 
  • Excellent CCA 
  • Competitively Priced 
  • Guaranteed Longer Service Life than other Wet Cell and Gel Acid batteries 
  • Multi-Purpose Uses 
  • High Discharge Rate
  • Long Shelf Life 
  • Fast Charging (up to 150 amps)

State Of Charge
100% SOC 12.80 volts or greater
75% SOC 12.55 volts
50% SOC 12.20 volts
25% SOC 11.75 volts
0% SOC 10.50 volts

Capacity (20HR) 120a
Length 405mm, Width 172mm, Height 222mm, Total Height (Inc Terminal) 222mm
Terminal Type F12
volts 12
Approx Weight 33.80 kg

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NZ$ 686.00 including GST
NZ$ 25.00
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