Deep Cycle Battery 12v 200ah

Deep Cycle Battery 12v 200ah
NPN200DC other part numbers -MDC8D/240U, MDC8D/240, 8D, D200P, USD200, N200DC, DC200, USD220, PMDC8D/240, 8D-AGM, DC12V200, 8DDC + OTHERS.
NP POWER (a Market leader) batteries have been designed to deliver maximum energy and withstand extensive discharge and recharge cycles for extended periods of time.

Volts: 12
20 AH Cap: 220
5 AH Cap: 176
RC Mins: 460
Length: 525mm
Width: 280mm
Height: 215mm
TH: 239mm
Weight: 59.90kg

Volts:     12
20 AH Cap:     220
5 AH Cap:     176
RC Mins:     460
Length:     525mm
Width:     280mm
Height:     215mm
TH:     239mm
Weight:    59.90kg

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