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Black & Decker 12v A12, HPB12, FSB12, FS1 Power Tool Battery (slide)

Black & Decker 12v A12, HPB12, FSB12, FS1 Power Tool Battery (slide)
Compatible Black & Decker Tool:
BD12PSK, BDBN1202, BDG1200K, BDGL12K, BDID1202, CD1200SK, CD12SFK, CDC1200K, CDC120AK, CDC120ASB, CP122K, CP122KB, CP12K, CP12KB, EPC126, EPC126BK, EPC12CA, EPC12CABK, HP122K, HP122KD, HP126F2B, HP126F2K, HP126F3B, HP126F3K, HP126FBH, HP126FSC, HP126FSH, HP126K, HP128F3B, HP12K, HP12KD, HP9019K, HPD1200, HPD1202, HPD1202KF, HPD12K-2, KC2000FK, PS122K, PS122KB, PS12HAK, SS12, SX3000, SX3500, SX5000, XD1200, XD1200K, XTC12IK, XTC12IKH
Compatible Firestorm Tool:
FS1200D, FS1200D-2, FS1202BN, FS1202D, FS12PS, FS12PSK, FSD122
Compatible Black & Decker Battery Model:
A12 A12XJ, A12XJHPB12, A1712, FS120B, FS120BX, FSB12, HPB12, FSB12, BD1204L, BD-1204L, B-8315, BPT1047, FSB 12 and A12.
Compatible Firestorm Battery Model:
FS120B, FSB12, HPB12.

Capacity: +/-2.0ah+/-
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