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LB-VWVBM10 12v 2-2.3a/h battery (specialist battery)

LB-VWVBM10 12v 2-2.3a/h battery (specialist battery)
Suits many Older style Camcorders. as well as various medical equipment applications.
Click on item for FULL specs and references -there are a lot of these.
Canon, Chinon, Curtis Mathes, Dual Voltage, Empire, G.E. Series, JC Penny, JVC, Magnavox, Maxell, Minolta, NEC, Panasonic, Pentax, Philips, Polaroid, Powersonic, Quasar, RCA, Rosslare, Saft, Samsung, Satter, Sears, Sharp, Sylvania, Telepower, Toshiba, Varta, Zenith.
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Replacement Battery Pack for Camcorder and Video types. This has many applications to see a full list, click the Features Tab

Alphabetical lists or cross reference part number and model numbers that should fit this battery replacement

Canon BP-10, Canon BP-100, Canon BP-10A, Canon BP-30, Canon BP-30A, Canon BP-31, Canon BP-32, Canon BT-30A, Canon CR-30A, Canon F1000S, Canon VC10, Canon VC10A, Canon VC20, Canon VC30, Canon VR10, Canon VR20A, Canon VR30, Canon VR40, Canon VR50, Canon SLA, Canon 2300mAh, Canon 12V, Canon LB-VWVBM10
Chinon BP-80, Chinon CV-BP80, Chinon CV-BP82, Chinon CV-BP88, Chinon CV-765, Chinon CV-770, Chinon CV-C70, Chinon CV-T124, Chinon CV-T60, Chinon CV-T608, Chinon CV-T60G, Chinon CV-T65, Chinon CV-T7, Chinon CV-T70, Chinon CV-T72, Chinon CV-T73, Chinon CV-T74, Chinon CV-T80, Chinon CVC-800
Curtis Mathes 768, Curtis Mathes 770, Curtis Mathes 772, Curtis Mathes 773, Curtis Mathes AV-800, Curtis Mathes BV-800, Curtis Mathes BV-880, Curtis Mathes CV-800, Curtis Mathes CV-820, Curtis Mathes HV-768, Curtis Mathes HV-770, Curtis Mathes HV-773, Curtis Mathes PV-800, Curtis Mathes QD00004
Dual Voltage DV1919-P
Empire EPP-100C
G.E. Series: 1CV series & CG series, G.E. 5036, G.E. 5200, G.E. 5424, G.E. 5426, G.E. 5428, G.E. 5430, G.E. 5440, G.E. 5442, G.E. 5740, G.E. 5747, G.E. 2814439, G.E. 2814804, G.E. 2815169, G.E. 2815535, G.E. 2816265, G.E. 2887487, G.E. 2887852, G.E. 2888217, G.E. 2888583, G.E. 2888948, G.E. 2889313, G.E. 2891139, G.E. V-9607
JC PENNEY 686-5100, JC PENNEY 686-5110, JC PENNEY 686-5111, JC PENNEY 686-5115, JC PENNEY 686-5116, JC PENNEY 686-5335, JC PENNEY 686-5340, JC PENNEY 686-5350, JC PENNEY 686-6016, JC PENNEY 855-8967, JC PENNEY 855-9163
Magnavox AR8378BK01, AR8390BK01, V80039BK01, V80086BK01, 8292, 8293, 8380, 8450, 8474, CV-5320, CV-5320AV, CVJ-310, CVJ-312, CVJ-320, CVJ-322, CVJ-340, CVJ-350, CVJ-360, CVK-332, CVK-342, CVK-352, CVK-610, CVL-335, CVL-345, CVM-325, VR-8208, VR-8209, VR-8245, VR-829, VR-8291, VR-8292, VR-8293, VR-8294, VR-8294AF, VR-8298, VR-8350, VR-8356, VR-8380, VR-8400, VR-8450, VR-8451, VR-8453, VR-8454, VR-8455, VR-8456, VR-8457, VR-8462, VR-8470, VR-8471, VR-8472, VR-8474, VR-8475, VR-8480, VR-8484, VR-8485, VR-8486, VR-8570, VR-8572, VR-8585, VR-8590, VR-8592, VR-9143, VR-9240, VR-9240AV, VR-9244, VR-9246, VR-9246AV
Magnavox AR8378BK01, Magnavox AR8390BK01, Magnavox V80039BK01, Magnavox V80086BK01, Magnavox 8292, Magnavox 8293, Magnavox 8380, Magnavox 8450, Magnavox 8474, Magnavox CV series, Magnavox VR series
Maxell M1220
Minolta C-3300
NEC 55U, CV-10U, V-200, V-300, V-320, V-400, V-404U, V-50U, V-60U, VS-60U
NEC 55U, NEC CV-10U, NEC V-200, NEC V-300, NEC V-320, NEC V-400, NEC V-404U, NEC V-50U, NEC V-60U, NEC VS-60U
Panasonic AG-BP212, AGBP212, EPK1185, LC-S2012, LC-S2312, LC-SA122R3BU, LC-SA122R3CU, LCS2312A, LCTP1912AP, PV-BP80, PV-BP88, PV-BP88-A, PV-BP88-B, VBVB30E, VSBS0011, VW-VB30, VW-VB31, VW-VBM1U, VW-VBM7E, VWVBM10EN, VWVBM7E, AFX12, AG-160, AG-170, AG-180, AG-180U, AG-190, AG-195, AG-2400, AG-400P, AG-450, AG-460, AG-6400, AG-7400, AG-BP202, AG-BP212DX, AG-V50, EB362, NC-MS2, NV-180, NV-5100, NV-5200, NV-5350, NV-5800, NV-5810, NV-5850, NV-6110, NV-8000, NV-8100, NV-8110, NV-8484, NV-8485, NV-8500, NV-8600, NV-9000, NV-9000A, NV-9600, NV-M10, NV-M1000, NV-M5, NV-M7, NV-M7EO, NV-M7EW, NV-M8000, NV-M8PX, NV-M9, NV-MS1, PK-802, PK-805, PK-903, PK-956, PK-957, PK-958, PK-959, PK-973, PK-975, PK-976, PK-980, PV-200, PV-210, PV-220, PV-2200, PV-300, PV-320, PV-330, PV-350, PV-400, PV-420, PV-425, PV-430, PV-460, PV-5110, PV-515, PV-520, PV-5200, PV-535, PV-5350, PV-540, PV-5420, PV-5440, PV-545, PV-550, PV-555, PV-565, PV-5800, PV-5810, PV-5850, PV-6110, PV-630, PV-645, PV-650, PV-660, PV-8000, PV-8100, PV-8110, PV-822, PV-8400, PV-8440, PV-845, PV-8484, PV-8485, PV-8500, PV-8600, PV-8650, PV-9000, PV-9600, PV-9600A, PV-M429, PV-S350, PV-S420, PV-S430, PV-S440, PV-S445, PV-S460, PV-S535, PV-S540, PV-S545, PV-S550, PV-S565, PV-S575, PV-S585, VN-5850, VW-VBM10
Panasonic AG-BP212, Panasonic AGBP212, Panasonic EPK1185, Panasonic LC-S2012, Panasonic LC-S2312, Panasonic LC-SA122R3BU, Panasonic LC-SA122R3CU, Panasonic LCS2312A, Panasonic LCTP1912AP, Panasonic PV-BP series, Panasonic VBVB series, Panasonic AFX12, Panasonic AG Series, Panasonic EB362, Panasonic NC-MS2, Panasonic NV-Series, Panasonic PK-Series, Panasonic PV Series, Panasonic VN-5850, Panasonic VW-VBM10
Pentax PVR-1100A
Philips 22AV5591, AR8378BK01, AR8395BK01, SBC5215, V80039BK01, V80086BK01, CPJ-810, CPJ-815, CPK-834, CVJ-360, PRO.1, VKR-2000, VKR-6830, VKR-6835, VKR-6850, VKR-6851, VKR-6855
Philips 22AV5591, Philips AR8378BK01, Philips AR8395BK01, Philips SBC5215, Philips V80039BK01, Philips V80086BK01, Philips CPJ-810, Philips CPJ-815, Philips CPK-834, Philips CVJ-360, Philips PRO.1, Philips VKR-2000, Philips VKR-6830, Philips VKR-6835, Philips VKR-6850, Philips VKR-6851, Philips VKR-6855
Polaroid PR-1220LA
Powersonic PS1223
Quasar VE-257, VE-551, VE-551XE, VE-551, VM-11, VM-11AC, VM-20, VM-20AC, VM-2100, VM-21AC, VM-22AC, VM-23AC, VM-24AC, VM-25AC, VM-26AC, VM-27AC, VM-28AC, VM-29AC, VM-34, VM-35, VM-37, VM-708, VM-709, VP-2100, VP-5400, VP-5430, VP-5440, VP-5441, VP-5442, VP-5450, VP-5451, VP-5452, VP-5740, VP-5741, VP-5742, VP-5744, VP-5747, VP-5750, VP-5751, VP-5756, VP-5757, VV-9404
Quasar VE series, Quasar VM series, Quasar VP-2100, Quasar VP-5400, Quasar VP-5430, Quasar VP-5440, Quasar VP-5441, Quasar VP-5442, Quasar VP-5450, Quasar VP-5451, Quasar VP-5452, Quasar VP-5740, Quasar VP-5741, Quasar VP-5742, Quasar VP-5744, Quasar VP-5747, Quasar VP-5750, Quasar VP-5751, Quasar VP-5756, Quasar VP-5757, Quasar VV-9404
RCA 1CVA115, RCA 1CVA155
Rosslare RS6500
Saft RC-1220, Saft RC-1221
Samsung SVE-27
Satter 06PN20
Sears 5367, Sears 5368, Sears 53683, Sears 5369, Sears 53691, Sears 5370, Sears 53703
Sharp BT76
Sylvania AR8378BK01, AR8395BK01, V80039BK01, V80086BK01, VC-4511, VC-4511SL01, VC-4512, VC-4513, VC-4514, VC-4515SL01, VC-4520, VC-4525, VC-4527, VC-4530, VC-4540, VC-4545, VC-4546, VCC-151, VCC-152, VCC-157, VCC-159, VCC-161, VKC-242/AV
Sylvania AR8378BK01, Sylvania AR8395BK01, Sylvania V80039BK01, Sylvania V80086BK01, Sylvania VC series, Sylvania VCC-151, Sylvania VCC-152, Sylvania VCC-157, Sylvania VCC-159, Sylvania VCC-161, Sylvania VKC-242/AV
Telepower TP-2312
Toshiba 151
Varta V12
Zenith VAC-905

Technology:  Sealed Lead Acid (SLA)
Voltage:  12V
Diameter or Width:  24mm
Height:  61mm
Length:  182mm
Weight:  800g

NOTE A/H rating may vary, usually between 2 and 2.4a/h

NZ$ 129.90 including GST
Price for 4+:
NZ$ 119.90 per item
LB-VWVBM10 (sp)
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