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12v 10a/h Battery SLA AGM BATTERY

12v 10a/h Battery SLA AGM BATTERY
Environmower, enviromower, electric mower, Direct replacement for Enviromower + other electric mowers. ****(you will need to buy x2 of these per mower)****
Can also be used for other devices with sealed batteries. QUALITY + reliability
Height 115.2 mm
Length 151 mm
Width 65 mm
Voltage 12v
A/Hrs 10
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Remco/Synergy Valve Regulated or Seal Lead Acid Batteries are maintenance free, spill proof and leak proof, batteries suitable for most standby applications for fire, security, lighting, and UPS. The range also includes full cyclic products suitable for RV and Marine House Bank applications. Synergy Batteries have been rebranded and renamed as REMCO, the battery you receive will either be labelled as Remco or Synergy depending on the stock rollout.

bELOW IMAGE IS EXAMPLE FOR 24V sla 10A/H ELECTRIC MOWERS (X2 BATTERIES THAT GO INSIDE THE CASE -case is not sold with batteries =reuse old battery)


Height 117 mm
Length 151 mm
Width 65 mm
Voltage 12v
A/Hrs 10
Terminal B
Assembly 3L

PLEASE NOTE IMAGE OF TERMINALS IS GENERIC TO SHOW YOU THE "TYPE" OF TERMINALS ON THE BATTERY. The terminals Positive and negative may differ in position (please contact us to ask if you need to know which way around and the Spade terminal Polarity and/or Terminal width F1=4.1mm, F2=6.3mm) 

  • 240vac input, switchable 9-24vdc 1.5A max power supply
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NZ$ 87.00 per item
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Remco 12v 10a/h
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