1.6kVa (2kVA max) Inverter Generator (linkable)

1.6kVa (2kVA max) Inverter Generator (linkable)
1.6kVa Inverter Generator. A pure sine wave inverter to give you clean mains power.

This unit comprises of a 4-stroke petrol engine, a low voltage electrical generator, and a pure sine wave inverter to give you clean mains power. This method provides a level of stability not possible in cheaper units

Auto-throttling switch to increase and decrease motor speed to compensate for power demand. You can override this to provide more stable power but at the expense of efficiency.
If you purchase a parallel-link cable (see associated items tab), you can stack two compatible units together. Join it with another 2kW unit for 4kW total output.
Power requirements can change, rather than having to buy a complete new larger generator, simply buy a second unit and double the capacity (Allowing you to double up or use x2 separate Gennies).
Protections including overload and low oil automatic shut-off. An EASY pull start makes starting reliable (VERY easy, don't pull too hard, it's not like old pull-starts these days). A Stylish but rugged moulded exterior with integrated ergonomic carry handle.

- Pure Sine Wave Output
- Parallel Stacking Option (with parallel cord -sold separately)
- No internal battery to maintain.

Fuel type : Petrol
Internal tank volume : 3.7L
Burn time (approximately) : 3.8hr
Fuel consumption for runtime : 160ml/min
Fuel consumption for power generation : 420g/kWh
Engine Type : Single Cylinder Four Stroke
AC current rating : 6.7A
AC Voltage rating : 240V
AC Frequency : 50Hz
DC current rating : 8.3A
DC Voltage : 12V
Continuous Power : 1.6kVA
Maximum Power : 2kVA
Cooling System : Air Cooled
Engine Power Rating : 1.6kW
Engine Maximum Power Rating : 2.2kW
Maximum Power Rating Rotation Speed : 4800RPM
Starting System : Recoil
Rated Noise Level at full capacity : 91dBA
Additional Features : DC Power Output, Low Oil Cutout, Low Oil Indicator, Parallel Power Link
Width : 535mm
Height : 460mm
Depth : 300mm
Weight : 24kg