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Mobile Phone, PDA, GPS, MP3, Cordless Phone, Media Player Laptop, Notebook Batteries

Due to the ever increasing lists of brands of equipment, Brands of batteries

we encourage you to CONTACT US with as much information as you can for your battery requirement

eg. Laptop Battery for ACER

please provide

1) Make + Model >>eg ACER + INSPIRE, ACER + TRAVELMATE etc

2) Series >>>eg C100, 2300

3) Any and all partnumbers on the device and on the battery (incl product serial number), if not sure -give as much information on the battery as possible. This should include Volatge (v) and capacity (mAh).

4) if possible an attached photo is a great help

This is the same for Mobile phones, PDA's, Ipad's, cordless phones etc -the more info the quicker the process.


Here at The Battery Cell we use selected Importers (NZ location) of such batteries, we chose NOT to stock these on our shelves as they could sit there for months and we believe this to be an unfair transaction for you, we order in 'fresh'. Usually overnight if order Mon-Thurs before 12noon if in stock with importers otherwise a maximum of 6 weeks wait may occur.

Terms and conditions apply to all sales.