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Neuton Power Batteries

Neuton Power is a top quality battery brand, they are sourced from Asia and USA and are made using the best products and manufactured to the highest standard. Neuton Power has a full range of batteries from AGM, Gel, Auto batteries & Solar batteries. They are made by one of the worlds largest battery manufacture who also manufacture Bosch, Ford and Caterpillar batteries.

They have proved to be an economically and reliable battery. They are also one of our best selling Brands, incredible value-for-money for a extremely quality high power battery (High Cold Cranking Amps – CCA). And performance proven for the cycling range.
In most cases they are sealed maintenance free battery (some of the cycling batteries are open-top) so you can fit and forget. They also come packed with a nation-wide 12- 36 Month Replacement Warranty depending on the battery selected.

NB: Neuton power AGM, SLA, VRLA Batteries are Branded as NEUTON POWER or VISION, the source and product is identical

We offer a full Automotive and Commercial Starting range as well as Marine Cycling, Starting, dual purpose and Deep cycle batteries. Neuton power have also teamed up with Vision to produce a range of AGM Gel-type batteries.

Vision Group

Vision Group has been one of the largest battery manufacturers in the world. Our products are classified into two categories: Valve-Regulated Lead Acid Battery and Lithium-ion Battery. The VRLA battery includes AGM series, Deep Cycle series, Pure Lead series and Gel series; The Lithium-ion Battery covers Lithium cobalt oxide series, Lithium manganese oxide series and Lithium iron phosphate series.