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Dual Battery Kits / Isolators / VSRs

YES, THE BATTERY CELL IS 100% NZ OWNED and LEGITIMATE -the proof is right [HERE]

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Connecting x2 batteries but keeping them isolated. This section has many options

2 battery set-up kits, Dual battery kits, do it yourself second battery install. All you need to install a secondary battery utilising the charging system from the first battery, Whether it's an electronic Isolator, Voltage senstive Relay or Solanoid Kits, we have them here at THE BATTERY CELL, we also have kits for trailers, great for using the charging system in your vehicle to keep your battery charged in caravan towing behind or that horse float with the mod-cons in it.

Thinking of adding an auxiliary/extra battery?
Want to use that power from your Alternator to not only charge your starting battery but your Auxiliary battery as well???
It's all here in DIY kits. They come with comprehensive intructions, even if you're not too savy with auto electrical work. EASY.
If you ARE a bit savy and in the know, try a VSR or an Electronic Isolator and do it yourself.

YES -we are that same awesome Battery Shop that used to be on The Esplanade!