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  • 12V 20A Charger & 35 Amp Power Supply, 30A MPPT Solar Controller
    A comprehensive system building on all the functionality of TBC-PM200, but with a remote LCD display offering advanced monitoring of battery, solar, water and electrical systems, plus a full MPPT 30A solar charge controller.
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    NZ$ 1,785.00
    NZ$ 1,585.00
  • 12v 88ah GEL Battery
    Gel Batteries for Deep Cycle use. Made in U.S.A. Advanced computer aided design and manufacturing techniques for superior deep cycle and starting performance.

    LENGTH 320 mm
    WIDTH 170 mm
    HEIGHT 235 mm
    WEIGHT 29kg
    VOLTAGE 12v
    A/HRS 88
    CCA 400

    Click image for more options.
    NZ$ 859.40
  • 2000w Inverter pure sine wave 12v
    Convert 12V DC to efficiently power a wide range of 240V household appliances such as DVD Players, TVs, laptops, printers, coffee machines etc. Easy to use with a unique built-in LED display shows 'Battery Status' & the inverter's 'Power Output'.
    Input voltage range: DC 11-15V
    Output voltage (AC): 240V
    Output frequency: 50HZ
    Output power (continous): 2000W
    Output waveform: Pure sine wave.

    Click on image for more specifications.
    NZ$ 862.50
  • 8mm2 30m roll RED 100A Cable
    QUALITY DC Cable. Red 30 metre roll. 8 B&S 100A QUALITY
    NZ$ 209.90
  • AC/DC POWER HUB, battery/Mains/solar Portable Power system
    Portable Power AC and DC. (Battery/Solar/Mains power -these extras are sold separately, see associated items tab and links) QUALITY, performance + reliability.
    Power-Hub turns your battery into a versatile user friendly option for powering and charging a wide range of accessories and appliances while you are ‘off the grid’. It is the ideal alternative to a conventional dual battery system, giving you the freedom to take power away from your vehicle. (Battery not included -sold separately)
    Features 10 power outlets and a 300W inverter.
    A cheaper option to The AC DC Thunder power system BUT this does not have a charger included with the purchase -Chargers sold separately (See associated items tab)
    Click image for more options.
    NZ$ 709.50
  • Battery Charger 6, 12 + 24v charger -complete workshop model with tester
    Perfect for the modern professional workshop, the Battery Manager has the power and functions needed for today’s high tech vehicles. Engineered and manufactured by leading European charger specialist Telwin, it boasts the very latest in battery management. Supplied standard with removable leads and the option of extended leads if needed.
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    NZ$ 967.73
  • CTEK Pro Battery Tester
    Complete with an integrated printer, it's now easier than ever to determine and present the current state of a battery and electrical system with the CTEK PRO Battery Tester.

    Click image for more options.
    NZ$ 1,578.77
  • Deep Cycle Battery 12v 80a/h NP Power
    Equivalent to other part numbers such as: MDC24/85U, MDC24/85, USD50, D50, D50Z, USD50Z, 50DC, NS70DC, 24, 24DC, DC12V80, ED50, 24DC-3, SCS150, CR24DC95, MDC24, MDC24/85, MDC24/85U, PMDC24/85, G24, G24S, 24-AGM, 24-GEL, 24TMX + others.
    Used for Cycling applications, Marine, RV, Camping, Dual Start/Cycle applications, 4WD'ing, Industrial applications.

    Dual Terminals
    Length 259mm x Width 174mm x Height 201mm, Total Height 222mm
    80 A/hrs , 650 CCA, 12 VOLTS

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    NZ$ 263.93
    With 2000W maximum output this GT Generator is our most popular generator for campervans.
    • 2000W (max.) power output, 1600W (cont.) power output
    • GT Power 4 stroke, air cooled, OHV industrial engine
    • 1 x 10A, 240V outlet, 1x 12V, 8.3A outlet
    • Electronic ignition and EZ start recoil with fuel primer button- starts easy!
    • In-built USB charging port for cellphones and media players
    • Up to 8hrs run time at 80% loading.
    Click image for more options.
    NZ$ 1,246.80
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  • Jump and Tow Emergency Kit
    A "must have" for all car BOOTS, whether it is for your own vehicle or so you can be that "Good Guy/Gal" who has the gear to help someone out.
    This is a quality kit with 200A jump cables (not a measly 100A like other kits), Tow Rope (with Catch Hooks), Gloves, Torch with batteries -all in a convenient x2 compartment zip up bag!

    Click image for more options.
    NZ$ 96.30
    NZ$ 68.70
  • Lithium Battery 12.8v 150a LiFePO4 Sealed
    This 150Ah model can provide continuous current up to 50A, with peaks of up to 100A. Perfect for house/cycling batteries, backup/standby batteries, and any other application where you would use a large SLA/AGM battery.

    DC Voltage : 12.8V
    Length : 484mm, Height : 234mm, width : 171mm
    Weight : 19.6kg

    Click on image for more options.
    PRODUCT ORDERED AS REQUIRED, IF LISTED AS OUT-OF-STOCK YOU CAN PLACE A BACK ORDER (order as per normal, product sent when back in stock)
    NZ$ 1,700.00
    Ordered as required, back orders available
  • Lithium Jump Starter Cobalt 12v 950a
    The must have 12v companion within any vehicle, this powerful and compact Lithium Jumpstarter is capable of starting engines up to 3.2L Diesel and 6.0L Petrol. QUALITY
    2.1 & 1.0A USB ports allow charging of phones and other portable devices (micro USB lead included) 8AH BATTERY.
    Click on image for more options.
    NZ$ 374.00
    NZ$ 307.31
  • Lithium Jump-Starter Cobalt 12v 1250a
    The must have companion within any vehicle, this powerful and compact Lithium Jumpstarter is capable of starting engines up to 4.5L Diesel and 7.0L Petrol. QUALITY + reliability
    2.1 & 1.0A USB ports allow charging of phones and other portable devices (micro USB lead included) 16AH BATTERY.
    Click on image for more options.
    NZ$ 531.00
    NZ$ 486.00
  • Matson 6/12/24V Infinite Charger
    6/12/24 Volt charger
    2, 10 or 20 Amp selectable on 6/12 volt, and 5,2 or 10 amp selectable on 24 volt
    Chemistry selectable: GEL, Flooded(SLA, Deep Cycle, AGM), Calcium
    LED display shows voltage, current (amps), battery capacity and fault diagnosis
    7 stage charging for optium battery conditioning and extended battery life
    Electronic touch button controls
    Alternator function: when selected, will indicate that the alternator is functioning correct (40%-60%).
    Click on product for more specifications.
    NZ$ 634.90
    NZ$ 483.00
  • Power Train 12v 6A 7-Stage Battery Charger + Maintainer
    Power Trains new 12v 6a charger is an excellent, very competitively priced all round every day car battery charger. Ideal for general DIY around the home, maintaining recreational vehicles and much more.
    Designed to work with all types of Lead Acid batteries, including; AGM, Wet, GEL and Calcium. Packed full of features.
    Click on image for more options.
    NZ$ 135.00
  • SOLAR KIT 12/24v 270watt
    Complete DIY kit.
    All Rigid Solar Panel Kits come with:
    -Solar Controller.
    -MC4 connectors (if applicable with panel).
    -3m of twin sheathed 5mm 50a cable.
    -x1 Bracket Mount kit
    Full generic solar panel install instructions.
    NZ$ 861.35
    NZ$ 776.00
  • Solar Controller 12/24v 20a by PROJECTA (with USB)
    Ideally suited to solar panels producing up to 20 Amps, the SC220 is a sophisticated solar controller that delivers a comprehensive 4 stage charging process and the ability to tailor its settings to best suit your battery type.
    Best suited wirth Projecta Solar panels.
    Click image for more details.
    NZ$ 210.90
  • Solar Panel 12V 15w Polycrystalline
    Cost-effective standard solar modules for skylight, roofing and facades applications

    0 to +3% positive tolerance for mainstream products QUALITY

    Withstand high wind loads and snow loads (5400Pa)

    Anti-reflective highly transparent, low iron tempered glass

    Transmission rate 3.18%

    355 x 368 x 30 mm =5kg
    ***requires Solar Controller***
    NZ$ 69.30
  • UPS TBC/5E Series Unit, 850VA 480W
    This TBC/5E 850VA, 480watt interactive uninterruptible power system (UPS) provides affordable power protection for your personal computer and peripherals. Valuable features such as local country power receptacles, the compact size is ideal for limited office and home working spaces.

    Click image for more detail
    NZ$ 271.00
  • Wind Turbine 500W 12/24VDC, Rated Power 500W at 50km/h
    A great source of free energy for consumers of over 300vdc per day.
    $ for $ one of the best on the market, QUALITY
    This Turbine 'can' produce 12KW of power if blades are continuously in motion at 50km for a 24hr period! This marine grade wind turbine has a brushless alternator for less wear and tear and includes a Maximum Power Point Tracking charge controller.
    It comes with a full instructional, use and maintenance manual. We 'advise' professional installation of the base needed to house this unit.

    Minimum wind speed: 10.9km/h
    Maximum wind speed: 170km/h
    Rated Power: 500W at 50km/h
    Weight: 6.75kg

    Click on image for more options.
    NZ$ 999.99
    Ordered as required 1-28 days
  • 20 AMP VOLTAGE REDUCER 24v to 12v (Converter)
    A 20 Amp unit that converts 24V power down to 12V. Offering enough grunt to power all your radio and communication equipment along with the fitment of a 12V 10A accessory plug. QUALITY
    • Total safeguard protection
    • Wide input range15-40VDC
    • Stable 13.6VDC output.
    Robust construction, PERFORMANCE.
    Click on image for more options.
    NZ$ 298.00

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