Motorcycle AGM, Gel

Motobatt Batteries from USA. Extremely powerful, fully sealed and VERY affordable.

Motorcycle batteries, Motobatt batteries from USA. ALL types available. Sealed Gel type batteries, old school open top batteries, Harley Davidson batteries, BMW batteries, Honda Batteries, Norton Batteries, we have them all, great range -great prices!!

Motorcycle/Quad/Jetski APPLICATION GUIDE (Big file, be patient)


  • 6 VOLT MBT6N4 Motobatt Quadflex Battery
    6 VOLT BATTERY Replaces 6N42A, 6N42A3, 6N42A4, 6N42A5, 6N42A6, 6N42A8, 6N4C1B 6v 4a/h 71mm long 71mm wide 96mm or 105mm(with bottom spacer) high 730gm Comes with full wiring options
    NZ$ 50.00 each
    NZ$ 42.50 each incl GST
  • 6 VOLT MBT6N6 Motobatt Quadflex Battery
    6 VOLT BATTERY Replaces 6N61B, 6N63B, 6N63B1, 6N61D, 6N61D2 6v 6a/h 97mm long 56mm wide 111mm high 1.05KG Comes with full wiring options
    NZ$ 50.00 each
    NZ$ 42.50 each incl GST
  • MB2.5U Motobatt Quadflex Battery
    Replaces YB2.5-C & YB2.5-C-1 2.5amps 80mm long 70mm wide 105mm high 1.18kg 12V Wired attachment terminals
    NZ$ 50.00 ea
    NZ$ 42.50 ea incl GST
  • MB3U Motobatt Quadflex Battery
    Replaces YB3L-A YB3L-B 12v 3.8amps 98mm long 56mm wide 110mm high 1.34kg
    NZ$ 60.00 each
    NZ$ 51.00 each incl GST
  • MBTX4U Motobatt Quadflex Battery
    Replaces YTX4LBS YT4LBS YB4LA YB4LB 12v 4.7a 114mm long 70mm wide 87mm high 1.57kg
    NZ$ 60.00 each
    NZ$ 51.00 each incl GST
  • MT4R Motobatt Quadflex Battery
    A specialty battery Replaces YTR4ABS 12v 2.3amps 114mm long 49mm wide 86mm high 1.15 kg
    NZ$ 78.00 each
    NZ$ 66.30 each incl GST
  • MBT4BB Motobatt Quadflex Battery
    2.5a/h 12volt AGM Battery. Replaces YT4BBS. Specific prong or spade terminal connections. 113mm Long x 38mm wide x 87mm high. 1.05kg
    NZ$ 78.00 each
    NZ$ 66.30 each incl GST
  • MBTZ7S Motobatt Quadflex Battery
    Replaces YTX5L-BS YTZ7S 12v 6.5a 114mm long 70mm wide 107mm high 2.09kg
    NZ$ 115.00 each
    NZ$ 97.95 each incl GST
  • MB7U Motobatt Quadflex Battery
    Replaces YT7BBS YT7B4 12v 6.5a 151mm long 65mm wide 94mm high 2.4kg
    NZ$ 70.00 each
    NZ$ 59.50 each incl GST
  • MB5U Motobatt Quadflex Battery
    Replaces YB5LB 12N53B 12v 7a 120mm long 60mm wide 130mm high 2.3kg
    NZ$ 68.00 each
    NZ$ 57.80 each incl GST
  • MB5.5U Motobatt Quadflex Battery
    Replaces 12N5.5-3B 12N5.5-4A 12v 7amp 135mm long 60mm wide 130mm high 2.4kg
    NZ$ 83.00 each
    NZ$ 70.55 each incl GST
  • MBTX7U Motobatt Quadflex Battery
    Replaces YTX7LBS 12v 8amp 114mm long 70mm wide 128mm long 2.6kg
    NZ$ 99.00 each
    NZ$ 84.15 each incl GST
  • MBTZ10S Motobatt Quadflex Battery
    Replaces YTX7ABS YTZ10S 12v 8.6amp 151mm long 87mm wide 95mm high 2.9kg
    NZ$ 137.00 each
    NZ$ 116.45 each incl GST
  • MB7BB Motobatt Quadflex Battery
    Replaces YB7B-B 12v 9amp 150mm long 60mm wide 130mm high 3kg
    NZ$ 137.00 each
    NZ$ 116.45 each incl GST
  • MBTX9U Motobatt Quadflex Battery
    Includes 5mm bottom spacer Replaces YTX9BS, YT12ABS, YTZ12S, YTZ14S 12v 10.5amp 151mm long 87mm wide 105mm or 110mm high 3.3kg
    NZ$ 99.00 each
    NZ$ 84.15 each incl GST
  • MB9U Motobatt Quadflex Battery
    Includes 6mm or 22mm bottom spacer Replaces 12N73A, 12N73B, 12N7D3B, 12N74A, 12N74B, YB7A, YB7AA, YB7LA, YB7LB, YB9A,YB9AA, YB9A2, YB9LA2, YB9B, YB9LB, YB9B2, YB9LB2, 12N93A, 12N93A1, 12N93B, 12N94B1 12v 11amp 136mm long 76mm wide 133mm or 139mm or 149mm or 155mm high 3.35kg
    NZ$ 99.00 each
    NZ$ 84.15 each incl GST
  • MBT12B4 Motobatt Quadflex Battery
    Replaces YT12BBS, YT12B4 12v 11amp 150mm long 70mm wide 130mm high 3.52kg
    NZ$ 125.00 each
    NZ$ 106.25 each incl GST
  • MBTX12U Motobatt Quadflex Battery
    Includes 15mm bottom spacer Replaces YTX12BS, YTX14BS, YTX14HBS ,YTX14LBS, KMX14BS 12v 14amps 151mm long 87mm wide 130mm or 145mm high 4.4kg
    NZ$ 124.00 each
    NZ$ 105.40 each incl GST
  • MB10U Motobatt Quadflex Battery
    Includes 9mm bottom spacer Replaces 12N103A, 12N103A1, 12N103A2, 12N103B, YB10AA2, YB10LA2, YB10LB, YB10LB2, 12N113A, 12N113A1, 12N113B 12v 14.5amp 135mm long 90mm wide 146mm or 155mm high 4.25kg
    NZ$ 118.00 each
    NZ$ 100.30 each incl GST
  • MB12U Motobatt Quadflex Battery
    Includes 14mm bottom spacer Replaces YB12AA, YB12AAS, YB12AAWS, YB12ALA, YB12ALA2, YB12AB, YB12CA, 12N124A, 12N12A4A1 12v 15amp 135mm long 80mm wide 161mm or 175mm high 4.4kg
    NZ$ 130.00 each
    NZ$ 110.50 each incl GST
  • MBT14B4 Motobatt Quadflex Battery
    Replaces: YT14BBS, YT14B4 12v 13a/h 150mm Length 69mm wide 145mm high 4.0kg
    NZ$ 191.00 each
    NZ$ 162.35 each incl GST
  • MBTX14AU Motobatt Quadflex Battery
    Includes 8mm bottom spacer Replaces YTX14AH, YTX14AHBS, YTX14HLBS, YB14A1, YB14A2, YB14AA, YB14AA1, YB14AA2, YB14B1, YB14B2, YB14LA1, YB14LA2, YB14LB1, YB14LB2, YB14LA2S, SYB14LA2, SYB14LB2, 12N143A, 12N143B 12v 16.5amp 135mm long 90mm wide 168mm or 176mm high 5.05kg
    NZ$ 141.00 each
    NZ$ 119.85 each incl GST

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MotoBatt QuadFlex Batteries

No other power sport battery can compare to a premium maintenance free QuadFlex MotoBatt battery.  These AGM sealed batteries offer a unique multi-directional flush mounted terminal configuration combined with universal polarity, height adjusting spacers and one-of-a-kind power generating engineering that is unmatched in the industry.